Shading technique

Nowadays, because of its purpose, the shading technology has become an almost indispensable addition to plastic windows and modern living. Shading systems in various forms are used to preserve privacy in buildings, protect against sunlight, and prevent inadvertent heat entry through windows in the warm months. An important feature, but more and more people, is their aesthetics and impact on the overall interior or exterior design. Thanks to the large number of color designs and various types of design, you can choose exactly the shading system that matches your home from the inside and out. In our offer of shading technology, you will find a truly wide range of interior and exterior blinds, exterior blinds and exterior aluminum blinds.

Internal horizontal blinds

Internal horizontal full-screen blinds are currently the most widely used shading system on plastic windows in flats and family houses. Aluminum slats provide sun protection, regulate room temperature and also protect your privacy. The horizontal blinds system is easily operated with a chain. The advantage of this shading system is the affordability, functionality, practicality, ease of handling, longevity, minimal maintenance and the ability to combine colors from a wide color scale (more than 50 colors) and their ability to perfectly match your interior design.

Internal vertical blinds

Internal vertical blinds are gradually becoming an elegant element that replaces curtains and curtains. Their advantage is the ability to overshadow large glass areas and therefore, in addition to family houses, are often used in offices where the impression of aeration of the space needs to be stimulated. The slats require minimal maintenance, their surface is antistatic and retains shape stability. You can choose from a truly huge amount of colors and materials (over 300) that beautify your plastic windows.

Outdoor aluminum blinds

In terms of external shading technology, external aluminum blinds are the most widely used system, especially in new buildings, where great emphasis is placed on design, but also on office or corporate buildings. They are not affordable as classic indoor blinds, but their high-quality construction, as well as the materials they are made of, make them extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and also resistant to adverse natural conditions. The adjustable shading effect is provided by aluminum slats which prevent up to 80% of light from penetrating when the condition is retracted. The advantage of exterior blinds compared to exterior blinds is that you can set them so that they let the ideal amount of light into your room. When the slats are set up correctly, you can also ventilate the space through a wide open window, with only a minimum of sun rays inside. There are three types of control available to the exterior aluminum blinds: the most affordable manual control, electric control with a wall-mounted actuator (similar to a light switch) and electric remote control that allows you to comfortably control the blinds from anywhere in the room.

In our offer of exterior aluminum blinds you will find the following models: the most used model C 80, which is characterized by its variability of design and 80 mm wide “C” shaped lamellas, followed by the Z 90 model with 90 mm “Z” shaped fins, which will achieve perfect the blackout of the room and ultimately the top-of-the-range S 90 model, which is particularly useful on larger areas, as the 90 mm wide slats look more visually impressive.

Exterior aluminum blinds

External aluminum blinds are included in the outer shading technique. Their biggest advantage compared to other types of shading technology is the perfect, up to 100% blackout of the window, which means that no light will be released into the room when the blind is fully retracted. Thanks to its shielding structure, consisting of slats, which are made of very strong aluminum casing and polyurethane foam filling, the thermal and acoustic protection (up to 15 db) of both plastic and other windows is significantly increased, which contributes to increased comfort for example . during sleep. For this reason, we recommend outdoor aluminum blinds to people who are working on change, or only at night and sleep during the day. The good insulation properties of the external blinds also have a beneficial effect on the elimination of window dew. Last but not least, the fact that exterior blinds are also a security feature on plastic windows is also worth mentioning. The exterior aluminum shutters consist of slats, drum, guide rails and controls, which can either be manually (with a cord), electric with a wall-mounted switch, or electric with a remote control to control the blinds from anywhere in the room without to make your comfort disturbed. The wide range of colors allows you to design the exterior aluminum shutters with your windows and the exterior of the building.V našej ponuke máme pre vás k dispozícii tri typy vonkajších hliníkových roliet:
• front window (drum is mounted on window frame and visible from exterior, possible to mount on existing windows)
• plastering (the drum is mounted on the window frame, but it is plastered with the façade and is not visible from the exterior, can also be installed on existing windows)
• window (drum is flushed to the lining above the window, but mounting is only possible with new windows)