Affordable doors for everyone with security frames, thermal and sound insulation. Entrance doors to an apartment or house suitable for securing your living at prices that do not burden the family budget.

The finish is made by a special paint bonded, which is baked in the furnace after application to guarantee long service life and durability of the door.

Security door to flat with smooth surface. They are suitable for all modern homes because they are easy to combine with every interior.

The more extravagant finish with three aluminum strips on the door is very effective and imaginative.

The elegantly styled security door in three color variations is the best choice for customers who like a modern and elegant style.

Security Door Surface Decors

Light beech



Securido Security Door Wing

Door leaf securido is certified in safety class II. It consists of 1 mm thick steel plates, with insulation and fire protection panels. Locking points and lock are hidden in steel casing sash thickness 67 mm

Safety door frame

Securido security doors are supplied exclusively with the securido door frame, which is an important security feature and is in the same color as the Securido door leaf. The door frame is supplied according to the wall width of 100 mm or 150 mm. The wing is attached to the doorframe by special hinges made of stainless steel, which make the door lockable

Locking system

The outer door must have a reliable safety locking system. It consists of 9 stainless steel latches and a safety frame that includes double-walled locking holes. The entire locking system is concealed in steel cases. Locking is also ANTI PANIC system (unlocking and locking with a handle from the inside)

Door security fittings

Security door fittings are among the most important safety features. Protects lock and security pad. The safety insert overlaps and thus protects against drilling and breaking, thereby increasing the door’s resistance to violent damage. Securido door fittings are certified to security class III. and works with the ball / handle system, while the handle inside has a built-in ANTI PANIC system (unlocking and locking with a handle from the inside).

Security door cut

A.All-metal security doors with left and right opening, dimensions: height = 1950 mm, width = 800, 900 mm

B. Special safety frame made of sheet steel to the required wall thickness of 100 mm and 150 mm

C. widescreen panoramic viewer

D. Stainless steel handle with ANTI PANIC system – special quick locking and unlocking system from inside without using a key

E. Special stainless steel hinges for sliding doors

F. Locking mechanism fits directly into steel safety latches – 9-point locking system

G. Security door fittings. Safety fittings protect the safety and wheel lock

H. Interior door interior filled with mineral pressed wool with thermal insulation, noise and fire protection properties. Extruded perlite is used as an insulator for fire protection.

I. Stainless steel threshold

J.Steel sheet safety cassette that protects the gearing mechanism and the upper and lower slide mechanisms