8000 IQ – Plastic entrance door

  • Frame and wing profile with 74mm depth, ecological – lead-free technology
  • 2mm stiffeners in the wing and frame cut to 45 ° to increase statics
  • Inside welding corners in the wing for maximum statics and stability
  • Double circumferential seal
  • Massive hinges SIMMONSWERK Siku 3D – 125kg
  • Aluminum threshold with interrupted thermal bridge
  • G-U security fittings (5 point)
  • All-metal handles FKS
  • 7 year warranty

Door Making Options:

The simplest, and at the same time, the cheapest way to create a door is by using glass, smooth PVC panels and partitions, whereby the customer can determine the partitioning itself. Here are some of the options:

Another option is to use a door paneling which is marketed by many different manufacturers. We offer you fillings from the most famous manufacturers of door panels BAUpartner and GAVAplast (by clicking on the manufacturer’s logo you will get directly to the catalog of these manufacturers).