Sectional garage doors

Long tradition

The German company Hörmann is a leading manufacturer and seller of garage doors in Europe. As part of its portfolio, the company is engaged in the production and sale of sectional garage and industrial gates, but also, rolling, fire and high-speed gates, entrance and interior doors and motor drives. Since the company was founded in 1935, it has sold more than 20 million garage doors in almost every corner of the world.

Hörmann is a concept in the present world of garage doors, a guarantee of quality, safety and customer satisfaction. The company, which started as a family business, continues to be led by the grandchildren of the founder, August Hörmann, and currently employs more than 6,000 employees in 27 specialized plants in Europe, North America and Asia.

Space saving

Hörmann sectional garage doors are mounted on the lining from the inside of the garage and do not take up unnecessary space in the garage and do not drown on the width of the passage. The garage door sections are built just below the garage ceiling, which helps to maximize space. Compared to the hinged gates, they provide a 14 cm greater running width.

German Quality

The great advantage in terms of quality is that all Hörmann sectional garage doors are designed and manufactured directly in Germany within the company according to DIN ISO 9001 and without any other suppliers, while being tested by independent safety and quality testing institutes. Sectional garage doors are certified in accordance with the demanding safety requirements of European Standard 13241-1. Highly skilled employees are working intensively on a variety of innovations and further product developments, creating new patents and the overall progress of Hörmann in the world market.

Hörmann’s sectional garage doors have been tested in real-life conditions for years. With superior engineering solutions and consistent manufacturing practices, a high quality end product is available for which you have a 10 year warranty and a 5 year warranty on Hörmann motor drives.

Panel appearance and construction

Hörmann sectional garage doors are manufactured according to customer requirements with a thickness of 42 mm or more. up to 67 mm with maximum insulation. The core of the panel is a polyurethane insulating panel. The panel surface is made of galvanized steel sheet, which is coated in several layers with a protective and abrasion resistant coating. The panel construction is designed to achieve the best stability, comfort and quietness of the gate. Thanks to permanently elastic seals, Hörmann sectional garage doors are extremely resistant to the effects of wind. The panels are made with six types of overlays: narrow S-shape, M-shape central, L-wide, L-shaped double-sided, T-shaped triple, and cassette overlays.