Maco Multi-Matic security fittings

In all the plastic windows and balcony doors we offer, we use the high-quality Austrian Maco fittings, specifically the top-of-the-range Multi-Matic. The big advantage of this fitting model is its function, which allows the desired sealing to be adjusted, making the window sashes perfectly fit the window frame and thus improve the insulation properties of the entire plastic window or balcony door. The rugged construction of the individual components from which the hardware is folded protects the plastic window from breaking out or losing the wing and prevents foreign persons from entering the building through the window. Individual fittings are made of high quality steel, which makes it very easy and safe to handle even large window wings. Multi-Matic fittings in our open-hinged plastic windows and balcony doors allow the window wings to open, tilt and slit ventilation (microventilation).

The Maco Multi-Matic fitting ensures low maintenance, corrosion resistance and long life.