Aluplast ® Ideal 8000

Aluplast Ideal ® 8000 is a profile system with a depth of 85 mm. Profiles are already reinforced with special galvanized steel reinforcements, which ensure their maximum strength. The high construction depth, the Ug = 0.6W / m2k triple glazing as well as the 6-chamber technology ensure excellent Uw = 0.86W / m2K thermal insulation. Aluplast Ideal ® 8000 plastic windows are also suitable for passive and low-energy houses. Each plastic window comes standard with a Maco Multi-Matic security fitting with all functions (opening, folding and micro ventilation) and a solid aluminum handle.

  • Aluplast Ideal ® 8000 – 6-chamber profile, ecological – lead-free technology
  • triple glazing with a thickness of 44 mm (4-16-4-16-4) filled with Argon with a coefficient of Ug = 0.6 W / m2K
  • heat transfer coefficient for whole window Uw = 0.86 W / m2Kstate-of-the-art Maco Multi-Matic security fittings with all features (Austria)
  • profile depth 85 mm
  • 3 full circumferential seals
  • 7 year warranty